Save on your VMware licensing

Using Nutanix can help optimize your VMware licensing costs through various mechanisms. Here are a few ways Nutanix can contribute to cost savings:

  • Software-defined Infrastructure. Nutanix utilizes a software-defined infrastructure, which means you can run your virtualized workloads on Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform without requiring separate VMware licenses for each node. This can result in significant cost savings as you can leverage Nutanix’s built-in virtualization capabilities.
  • License Consolidation. Nutanix’s HCI platform allows you to consolidate multiple virtualized workloads onto a smaller number of nodes compared to traditional infrastructure. This consolidation can lead to reduced VMware licensing costs since you can run more virtual machines per licensed host.
  • License Mobility. Nutanix offers license mobility, enabling you to move your existing VMware licenses to Nutanix’s platform. By leveraging your existing licenses, you can avoid additional VMware licensing expenses and still benefit from Nutanix’s HCI platform.
  • Hardware Efficiency: Nutanix’s HCI platform is designed for efficient resource utilization, reducing the need for overprovisioning. This efficiency can result in lower hardware costs as you can achieve higher VM density per node, maximizing the utilization of your infrastructure.
  • Subscription-based Pricing. Nutanix also offers subscription-based pricing models that allow you to pay for HCI infrastructure on a consumption basis. This can provide flexibility and cost optimization as you can scale your infrastructure based on demand and pay only for what you use.

It’s important to note that the specifics of cost savings will depend on factors such as your workload requirements, current VMware licensing agreements, and the scale of your infrastructure. It’s recommended to engage with Nutanix representatives and assess your specific needs to determine the potential cost savings and benefits of using Nutanix for VMware licensing.

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